Gratitude to our Sponsors and Community Groups

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for every sponsor and every community group who has participated with us over the past 64 years. YOU have made a great choice by investing in us. The Agriplex is only one part of our non-profit Society. It relies entirely on the support of rentals from individuals and user groups. Every single dollar (100%) that comes through our doors, be it an event or a donation goes back into our programs, to help maintain these wonderful volunteer built, volunteer owned, volunteer operated non-profit facilities.

Appreciation of our VOLUNTEERS

YOUR contributions of hours volunteered are absolutely essential to us and significant to the success of the Ag. Society. YOU are simply outstanding! We take gratification in all YOUR expertise, skilful abilities and experience for each area at Exhibition Park and each program we produce. For that reason, we are extremely appreciative of all your loyalty and hard work! The dedication of your time involved in Exhibition Park and all of its impressive physical assets have been constructed and maintained entirely due to YOUR efforts. We could not have succeeded in any of it without YOU.

YOU have developed assets here that will not only continue to grow, but will continue to ensure our place in the history of Cold Lake. YOU have left a huge footprint of achievements and sustainability at Exhibition Park. YOU have built a legacy for all of Cold Lake to take ownership in. Be proud of all your hard work, YOU deserve it! When we pull together as a team we are unmatchable. We build great things for the enjoyment of our community, and with your assistance, we will carry on the tradition that YOU have built here! All of YOU have helped maintain the success of this great and most enduring of all service organizations in Cold Lake. The hours that have been volunteered for Cold Lake Agricultural Society in the past 64 years are beyond measure. YOU make all our assets, profound. Our joint endeavours and memories with all of YOU have created a lifetime of lasting friendships, and we genuinely, Thank You for that. It has been an awesome ride.

The uncountable time, commitment and dedication from our incomparable volunteers has helped our society stay remarkably successful, and we thank you for the accomplishments of the last 6 decades of existence! We have made and broken a few records together in Cold Lake. YOU are such an important part of our assets, because YOU are precisely that. OUR ASSETS. We can’t thank you enough.

Our Ag. Society Volunteers are: Amazing, Extraordinary, Fabulous, Fantastic, Incredible, and Remarkably Exceptional Individuals. They give where they live!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our group or volunteering at any of our events, give us a call at 780-594-0667.

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