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History of Cold Lake Ag. Society and its Volunteers

  • The Cold Lake Agricultural Society has VOLUNTARILY been bringing functions and events to this community for over 6 decades, beginning June 14, 1947.
  • Every dollar that is raised by the Ag. Society goes back into these facilities and the Ag. Societies programs 100%. The facilities that are built at Exhibition Park are 100% Non – Profit.
  • All the facilities at Exhibition Park are operated 100% by VOLUNTEERS. When you see people working the kitchen and all other areas during an “Ag. Society” function every one of them are VOLUNTEERS. The Rodeo uses 1800 hours of donated time with 225 VOLUNTEERS to put on the 4-day event annually since 1969.
  • The Ag. Society owns and operates the facilities, everything above ground. The city owns the dirt the facilities are built on, but have nothing to do with any of our programs or the operations of these buildings. We also built and own the Bingo Hall, which they operate for all the non-profit groups of this community to help them benefit.
  • The Ag. Society is the largest and eldest VOLUNTEER group in the area, serving this community for almost sixty-four years. Some of the VOLUNTEERS are 3rd & 4th generations of giving families helping us out.
  • 1947 we recruited dentists to come to town once per month, and started a petition to get the railway to Grand Centre (Cold Lake) from Legoff across the river.
  • November 19, 1951 we applied for and received our first charter as the Grand Centre Agricultural Society.
  • 1952 we initiated the process of bringing electricity and telephone lines to town, and veterinarians as there was a rabies epidemic that needed attention, 1954 our VOLUNTEERS sat on the Hospital Advisory Board, and bought an x-ray machine.
  • 1973 We joined together with the Grand Centre Curling Club and were known as the arena association, . We helped build the Grand Centre Arena. We chartered again as the Grand Centre and District Agricultural Society so we could get a matching grant for the town of $50,000 to install pipes and a cement floor in the arena. In 1974 we borrowed $75,000 at 13% interest to install the ice plant. The Municipal District of Bonnyville paid this loan off in 1980. Also in 1974, we donated the arena back to the town of Grand Centre to operate for the community in the amount of $181,000 cash, with 12,500 volunteered hours that went into constructing the building from our group. This facility was torn down in February 2011. It served our community for 37 years. We put on 19 Rodeos at those grounds.
  • 1989 – Current: VOLUNTEERS moved the old Rodeo Grounds for the 3rd and final time to the new location and built the remarkable property known as Exhibition Park. It includes a legal sized 5/8 mile race track, 1990 the barn was built with 23 inside box stalls, 1995 the heated indoor riding arena was built, 1996/97 the bingo hall was built so all the groups to benefit each night, 1998 the Agriplex was built for rentals of all kinds including the Largest Kitchen in the Lakeland. 2004 the upper level was constructed for smaller parties of 125 guests or less. 2010 our kitchen fed 9817 meals for the Alberta Winter Games. In the summer of 2011 we replaced the entire riding arena roof.
  • We provide a variety of services to our community such as: we can cater the best home cooked meals in the Lakeland, we can provide bar services, we support and partner/collaborate with other non-profit groups, we organize family oriented events, we have produced many Bullaramas since 1993, 40 Horse Shows, 40 Annual seasons of Farmers’ Markets, Completed 47 consecutive Rodeos, and 40 Annual Fall Fairs, started many grass roots programs, all done by VOLUNTEERS.

Everything above ground at Exhibition Park (105+ acres) is entirely built, owned, and operated by the volunteer Board of Directors of the Cold Lake Agricultural Society. Every dollar that is raised during our events, goes entirely back into support our programs and facilities 100%.

You are encouraged to come in and have a tour where we can show you, how significant the visions of VOLUNTEERS can be. The achievements we have finished to date are really extraordinary. When you stand on our site, and take a good look around at what has been constructed at Exhibition Park, it will surprise you. You realize that VOLUNTEERS have given immeasurable hours of time and continue to volunteer for the betterment of our whole community for 69 years and counting. Simply, Outstanding! The Ag. Society improves the quality of life in our rural community, after all we are the:

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Agricultural Societies are non-profit organizations that encourage improvement in agriculture and in the quality of life of persons living in an agricultural community by developing programs, services and facilities based on needs in their agricultural community.

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